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More episodes will become available a few hours after each class is done. Due to a Vimeo error, our directing masterclass was uploaded to YouTube temporarily.
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Last updated: 2/14/21
Watch the trailer for Slumber - a short film we produced shot, and edited on our phones under a week. 
Or even better - watch the film!
Ready to submit your film/pitch?
You have until Feb 20th to create a concept short-film or pitch with storyboards, a script, or any other way to convey the story you're trying to tell.  Simply upload your files to WeTransfer and attach the link here:
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Contest  Details
This contest is open to individuals in the United States only.
Participants must be enrolled in our student mailing list to be eligible.
Participants retain full ownership of original content produced in class.
Aspiring contestants must either (1) turn on their cameras or (2) provide an instagram handle to verify they're real people.

Submissions released prior to Feb 8th, 2021 are not eligible.
Submissions may last up to 15 minutes per IGTV limitations.
Submissions must be shot and edited on mobile, with apps such as LumaFusion or iMovie.

Your contact information will not be shared or sold to any third parties.
Your personal data will only be used for the purposes stated above.​​​​​​​
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